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Your work is always superb in both writing content and style, both informative with facts and perspectives I often will not read elsewhere, as well as a pleasure to read; it's always something I look forward to and enjoy, and I greatly looking forward to what is effectively a new publication! Subscribed.

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Aug 14·edited Aug 14

My mother was a very hard working, no-nonsense Mennonite and I for many years an Episcopalian. One hymn we had in our book she did not was "Ora Labora"--Come labor on. I always thought that hymn suited her well. (She certainly expected her children to work as she did though I can't say any of her five children ever achieved her level of discipline.) There was no standing idle in what needed her attention though she certainly had her moments of quiet for contemplation--a necessary ingredient to a fulfilled life.

Patrick labors on as well to our rich benefit. I was planning to up our Patreon contribution when we land at our new home in Cuenca Ecuador, but there is no time like the present!

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Thank you, Patrick, for filling us (me) in on more of your history as well as your plans for the future. I greatly appreciate your fine and courageous work, and I'm delighted to continue supporting it. Much gratitude and many blessings to you for standing up for truth as being central to our collective well-being.

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Well, Patrick as your very first Patreon subscriber, I am, and will be still here. I have been reading Conversations-In-A-Failing-State. You made some remarkable observations in just the first two chapters of that book you didn't think I could find (heh-heh-heh) that I will pass along in future lives. As to the name, it's your publication. I would have voted for OJ, but you didn't ask......

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The old mountain climber exhorts ever: "Up! Up! Always UP!"

Because, as goes the Hokey-Pokey---"That's what it's all about."

Forward and Further. We were made for these times, otherwise we wouldn't have been born into them.

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Please let us know (your men in Washington) how we can lobby X on your behalf for the return to his rightful first chair (har, har) the @thefloutist.



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Dear Patrick, What a clarification about changing the name of this poignant and informational - and I mean, "truthful information," that I and your other paid subscribers (and others) look forward in reading and learning of the important topics which you so eloquently write about - a sort of journalistic poetry of the English language in getting your point across to the reader. Even when you're mad at our so-called political leadership! You knock them, not as I do, but with an eloquent type of diatribe which is admirable. And new to the SCRUM, and soon to be the FLUTIST - Cara Marianna writes words which flow through the air, but with substance on which she writes about.

I look forward to reading (and learning) on your Scheerpost and Consortium News columns, and may you add new readers by the day, and hopefully they spread the word in educating others and, more importantly, unite in taking action against the corrupted R's & D's (and you know how I spell those two words) and fight the uphill battle to make our nation a peaceful, and democratic (small d) nation and an egalitarian one rather than what's becoming of America now.

GOOD LUCK, and May the invisible entities guide you and Cara in continuing to be Beacons of Light in this propagandized world we're living in. Godspeed!

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@ Patrick👍

Thanks for the update💡 Your insights are invaluable and more than worthy of continued support. Your work was recommended to me by Robert Parry many moons ago.

As Usual,


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I vowed this month not to support any more independent leftist oriented sites due to budget constraints. However, your appeal has struck a chord and so I’m making an exception. Thank you for your work and best of luck in this new endeavor.

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Somewhat stuffy name.

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