Afghans are now finally "free", at least of US colonialism. Haiti unfortunately are not -- for about century.

IMPORTANT -- An extraordinary interview !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3iT3y7MktI

Recent US crimes against Haiti people -- by Hillary , Condoleezza Rice/Bush, Obama -- coups, military, exploitations of one of the poorest country, UN that brought in cholera (30,000+ dead, million sick) but negated the horror for six (read slowly - six) years.

A detailed, most horrible recent history of US colonialism -- kudos to Aaron Mate (always remember how vulgarly he was attacked by TYT's despicables - Ana & Cenk)


1 Trump and GOP are truly HORRIBLE.

2 DNC oligarchs (Biden, Pelosi, Schumer) are even WORSE (censorship, they concocted Russia-gate hoax, torture of Julian Assange, Daniel Hale’s persecution for Obama’s drone crimes, $16+B Haiti-corruption under Hillary/Obama – Biden-family corruption pales in comparison)

The ONLY solution – vote THIRD party – now and forever. ALWAYS vote – but VOTE for a Third (or fourth, fifth..) party – at ALL levels, especially at LOCAL levels (vote OUT each and every incumbent).

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Trump’s Pledge to Exit Afghanistan Was a Ruse, His Final SecDef Says - Defense One


Trump’s Pledge to Exit Afghanistan Was a Ruse, His Final SecDef Says. Chris Miller now says talk of a full withdrawal was a “play” to convince a Taliban-led government to keep U.S. counterterrorism forces.

Perhaps Biden should be given Nobel Peace prize instead to swindler Obama...

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Pretty GOOD, F.F.!


Short, sweet (not so) and, 'in' The X-Ring.

Stand by- there'll Be a new-birthed political political "Party" before this Year(?) Mebbe.

From what little is known (presently), it will Be Sorely Needed for AMERICAN unwashed ungloved, and those Many of Us who authentically - Still Believe. Inordinate amount of precarious Work to be accomplished.Too much. The enemy, 'Inside the wire'. Much complacency; fear, and worse - Indifference. As M.T. Cicero said: "There's no Enemy like an 'inside' Enemy. . . .Clemenceau

said: "War is too Important to be left to the hands of Generals." The Opposite has more substance in (historical) Reality. We are running Out of young Men(and Families) who've been betrayed by the slick, smug silvertongued Political Class that hasn't had 'Skin in the Game' since W.W.ONE. Abuse of Military dedication; obedience."Toying" with Professional Vocations; calling Them mere: jobs. Calling for: "Management"; re-defining *Leadership* and Tradition.Tampering, Meddling,

Adulterating...Undermining The American Warrior class.

Of course,"who" Is it, that approves the Flag grade

promotions of Today.There are very Little former 'in the bled' Uniformed Members of Congress. The Adversary's Game Plan hasn't changed. America has Always been "a Plum" arousing resentment and envy from Some, and Hope,Desire and Prayer from the Many. I trust the Great Architect has not deemed it too late for Us.

I suppose we're in for Heavy Rolls and Rough Seas from here on in. Situational Awareness. . .Action.

Less "Talk".

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I suspect we will look back on this as the first card falling. Wait until they have to pop the market bubble to try and save the dollar. By the time our kids are our age, foreign policy will be between Texas and California, not the US and the rest.

I can see Florida dollars with Trump's picture on them.

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Before I write an actual comment on this excellent piece, I have to get something off my chest. Your draft # was 329, Patrick? Lucky bastard. Mine was 19.

Over on Consortium, I have a comment to a comment on Joe Lauria's piece wherein I mention William L. Shirer's "The Nightmare Years". The portion of his memoir where he talks about sneaking into Afghanistan past the British blockade and describes Afghanistan in the 30's (almost a century ago now) just hit me upside the head when I read it (back in the 80's). I recognized what he was describing. I was in Iran but I knew of Afghanistan (and a couple of Afghan ladies). It's remarkable how much it hadn't changed. If you haven't read it, I recommend it. It's riveting.

Reading the piece with its questions about the speed of the Taliban's advance, all I can think of is a vignette from being a substitute teacher in the local high school. One of the guys in one of my classes was complaining about some girl he was pursuing and I just looked at him and said "Maybe she's just not that into you....". I couldn't believe the reaction. Every girl in the class was going, yeah, yeah, listen to what he's (me) saying, pay attention. Shortly thereafter, the whole class dissolved in laughter. If only the world could simply dissolve in laughter at yet another American flight from the rooftops of another American embassy. Maybe the people of the world just aren't that into us....

As for the Taliban, I suspect they've matured since they started life as the mujaheddin of Charlie Parker's war. They've probably figured out something that we seem to ignore, you need the support of your neighbors. Specifically, they need the support of the Iranians who (a) are Shi'ites, (b) don't oppress Sunnis, and (c) have demonstrated their ability to provide military support. I also think they're channeling their inner Barry Goldwater who famously said "Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can't and won't compromise. I know, I've tried to deal with them." If the Taliban can put a leash on their religious zealotry, they will succeed. Saudi Arabia can go all Wahhabist but not Afghanistan.

A few thoughts. Shrub didn't try very hard to get bin Laden, he even said a few years into it that he wasn't that interested in bin Laden. Embedded journalism has another name, narrative control. While I cheered the end of the draft at the time (even if it was too late for me), I have come to see it as a mistake since it insulates anybody who has even a remote chance of affecting American policy from being affected by our wars. I suspect most Americans would defend the United States but Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, etc etc had nothing to do with defending the US and I think people are finally realizing it. I think your question, what will become of us? is the appropriate one and in simple terms, I think we're screwed. I think we're going to be eating crow or humble pie or whatever term you prefer for some time to come. Next up the debtpocolypse and after that, the death of the dollar.

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"We have little to say about the policies of our government and by and large want little. In consequence, the cliques making and executing policy operate in a condition of ever-greater sequestration, indifferent to public opinion, quite beyond what remains of our democratic process. This is why Washington can speak to us without facts, without logic, with little regard for the Constitution or law (domestic or international). There are too few in the public sphere listening. "

They don't even live in the real world.

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