If there is ever justice for Assange I may again dare to hope.

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One can but hope that Dr. King was correct when he said that the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice. But to rephrase Mr. Pilger, justice denied for one means that justice can be denied for any of us.

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The supposedly free and independent MSM have nothing to fear from the persecution of Assange, for they never will write or think so much as a syllable that their masters would not approve.

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This strikes me as very true. Feral. We ought to stop pretending that they have any skin in this game--a project that would begin with no longer pretending they have anything to do with journalism. They don't: It only looks that way.

Tks the comment, and thanks to Jeff Harrison, too. Astute, as always.

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It's so long ago now that unless I consult my diaries I cannot exactly pinpoint the art exhibition opening around a decade ago in Sydney at which John Pilger - declaring the exhibition open - spoke about Julian Assange and the unbelievable charges then being brought against him via Sweden/in the UK. (The US clearly behind both!) This hounding of a truth-teller - the essays of Patrick Lawrence and the defence by John Pilger, Jennifer Robinson, Nils Melzer and so many other eminent people will surely damn our age and the US forever in the annals of decency and honesty traduced.

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The date on which I met John PILGER was February 3, 2010 - at the MORI Gallery - for the exhibition of artist George Burchett. (He was the son of an earlier journalist/reporter Wilfred Burchett who broke to the world the inconvenient truth that the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima carried a kind of plague within its destructive capacity - one which went on killing long after the radioactive dust had [apparently] settled! He also suffered for that news - not only by US skulduggery but with the complicity of his own country - Australia - long a hand-maid to its "powerful friend"!

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F*** Joe Biden !! (why mask the thought with "Brandon" ?)

Julian Assange shouldn’t be released from the dank chambers of Belmarsh Prison because the CIA contemplated assassinating him. He shouldn’t be released because a key witness against him admitted to fabricating his deposition.

He should be released because he didn’t commit the crime for which he is charged and a country that treats journalism as a crime against the state shouldn’t have legal standing to bring extradition requests in the courts of nations that consider themselves democracies.

In summary and once again – F*** Joe Biden !!

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Oh Jesus. While I respect Pilger, he is being utterly clueless. Assange has a lousy public relations department.

Given Assange's condition, why would they let Pilger in, if not to report on it? Why go to the effort of torturing him to the extreme and not just heart attack him, if not as a lesson to anyone else thinking of revealing secrets of the regime? Pilger did exactly what they wanted him to.

I'm sure that judge also blocked extradition on instructions, because they have him exactly where they want him, in limbo, having every ounce of life squeezed out of him, as slowly as possible. They know they can't have the show trial they want, or people would further realize the depths to which the system is sinking.

So to repeat myself, Assange needs to be seen as a martyr, not an example.

How much would it cost to make a bunch of posters and bumper stickers and spread them far and wide. Examples;

They can drink the hemlock, get nailed to the cross, burned at the stake, tortured, shot, thrown in jail for life, but history doesn't forget who was right.

Assange/Manning 2024. The write-in ticket of courage. Or would you prefer Trump versus Biden, again?

Assange and Manning; The looked the Beast in the eye and didn't blink. Would you?

Assange and Biden; Who will history see as the hero of our age?

As it is, it seems most people protesting his situation are more props for the show, than effective.

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Assange and Pompeo; Who is the Jedi and who is the storm trooper?

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People don't want gory details, they want narrative.

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The bull is power.

The matador is art.

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