The paranoia of the WMD shareholder/stakeholders and their political puppets has never been more clearly outlined than the past few days. I have just read Gregory Clark's analysis of what's been going on with US/NATO propped up Ukraine and its continual bombing of the major Russian enclave provinces - 150,000 Ukraine troops massed against them - now finally being protected by Russian forces! But without proper analysis the picture emerges as the Biden-Blinken and NATO wishes. Any red-flag has only been from the US/NATO/Ukraine side.

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Feb 24, 2022·edited Feb 24, 2022

"I detect in Europe’s efforts—pursued cautiously, as the Europeans typically proceed with the Americans—the impulse to act autonomously and in their own interests toward a Ukraine settlement."

Yes, and this is what I wonder about in the wake of Russia's decision to interrupt the process it set in train in December. Siding with Russia will now be more difficult for the likes of France and Italy. Equally, Russia's carefully built brand of always acting in accordance with international law must I think take a bit of a hit, at least in the short term.

Given their demonstrated track record of strategic acuity and almost relentless consistency it seems foolish to assume Putin, Lavrov and co have suddenly lost their marbles. So, presumably they were persuaded to abort the negotiating track they were on by some combination of looming escalation against the Donbass and/or despair at the possibility of a genuine diplomatic breakthrough with the Europeans. I had thought the tide was slowly turning their way but perhaps that was simply wishful thinking on my part.

If nothing else, this decision should sharpen the various players' calculations. The stakes have been raised.

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And - an "innocent" US corruption in Ukraine... -- that is why Biden is so shrill

ukrainegate.info nice summary of Bidens' corrupt rule in Ukraine -- it looks well-researched and an outstanding in-depth analysis of US corruption in Ukraine





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Oh, well. When it's all foam and bubbles, the wave has crested.

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There are two separate things in this post. One is Mr. Hoffman's thoughts from the cusp of the US defeat at the hands of the Vietnamese and the other is the events of recent days in the Ukraine.

I disagree with Mr. Hoffman. On the one hand, I agree that you have a choice between a world hegemon and ... what? It sure as hell isn't "a world order policy". Making world order policies is what a hegemon does but Mr. Hoffman doesn't want a hegemon. I have not read this book but what Patrick quotes from it makes it sound like he is looking for a latter day Cincinnatus. Cincinnatus was legendary in Rome but even assuming that he was a real person, the world can't afford to rely on finding such a soul. Worse still, Mr. Hoffman says that the world can't stand the mechanical application of disembodied principles. Frankly you get a choice between being a nation (world) of laws or a nation (world) of men. When I think about a world of laws, I'm not imagining international law but rather Zhou En Lai's principles. That would cut right through all the crap about the Ukraine.

Then we get to the Ukraine, playground of the Western imperialists. I think Marshall Auerback was absolutely correct when he said that the Ukraine would prove to be NATOs Waterloo. I wrote a friend of mine about the Ukraine yesterday and he wrote back - So you think that the Ukraine got what they deserved. I responded, indeed, in fact I think they got off easy. However, before we get to what Patrick is taking about, we have to establish a level playing field that doesn't exist. The United States launches aggressive war against Iraq who had done nothing. The United States attempts to cause "regime change" all over the world, allying themselves with whatever scum they can find - Al Qaeda or its lookalikes in the Middle East, Nazis in the Ukraine, right wing white supremacists in South America. Where are the calls to disconnect the US from SWIFT? Where are the calls to kick the US off the Security Council? Until all nations are treated equally, no nation will be treated fairly.

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I might have pointed this out previously, but in culture, good and bad are some cosmic conflict between the forces of righteousness and evil, while in nature they are the basic biological binary of beneficial and detrimental, the 1/0 of sentience.

This is because the community has to function as an organism in the larger ecosystem, the hive mind. Which goes much, much deeper than homo sapiens, so it's difficult to avoid. Consequently objectivity becomes impermissible.

The two basic dynamics are synchronization, which is inherently centripetal and harmonization, which is centrifugal. So there are nodes and networks, organisms and ecosystems, particles and fields.

When the community over-synchronizes, it tends to spiral into the abyss and it is like a forest fire, hard to contain, let alone put out, until it burns out.

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It is a very good binary: hegemonic domination or multi polar order. I’ve read tons of stuff this morning and it’s all being filtered through that binary.

I would suggest 90% of the American people would prefer world order and view conflicts abroad as effectively none of their business., expensive and a betrayal of their interests. The primacy position is held only by our elites: so the question is why do they still care about primacy - cui bono?

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Timely! This hegemonic striving, is it a sincere belief that America knows better, Protestantism run amuck or venality greed and arrogance?

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