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A more enlightening analysis than any I've seen in a long while in what used to be called the mainstream media.

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I'd look again at Laschet being the most likely candidate for the CDU in the next election. From my perch here in Germany, so far it seems Markus Söder, from the CSU, seems a much more likely candidate for, um, candidate. He has been far more decisive in combatting COVID-19 in Bavaria and that will stand him in good stead in his candidacy. Laschet is seen as indecisive, since he has been waffling back and forth on how to deal with restrictions around COVID-19.

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Many thanks for this excellent analysis. Domestically a similar situation:

Remember "Hope and Change" fraud? At least Biden is honest -- "Nothing will change".

- Yellen received $800K from hedge fund caught manipulating stock market.

- Bernanke sitting on board of deeply corrupt hedge funds,

- clearing house has two day clearing terms (specifically to exclude small players -- hedge funds build servers close to key optic cables to have few nanoseconds advantage against normal stock suckers) - on its board are Goldman Sachs and former Federal Reserve executives (one can bet 2-day clearing period will NOT be reduced/eliminated).

- Massive corruption of oligarchs in both parties will not be addressed

- Biden family is still a taboo theme (Hunter laptops, etc.)

- HiTech giants' monopolies will be protected - their information censorship is welcome from oligarchs

- independent media will be silenced more and more

We are moving forward to ever more distractions -- to mask the economic and democracy decline of United States.

Thank you for the outstanding and timely article.

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Excellent write up, gentlemen. I would like to add a few thoughts. The Europeans are and have been American vassal states for over a half century. But for the previous 500 years it was the Europeans who ran amok over the world stealing other peoples lands and populations to become wealthy on the backs of other men's labors. Did we really think that they were going to sit around as our satraps forever? Those that thought they would are fools.

And Putin was spot on when he warned the US that using the US dollar as a weapon is a mistake. Dedollarization has already started and when the dollar collapses because we already have ~$28T in debt and only ~$19T in GDP. This summer should be interesting.

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Really enjoying your work gentlemen. Thanks

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"Russia isn’t going to invade," claim three more or less totally unknown pundits on substack, and if Europe wants a more reliable guarantee, they can whistle for it.

Marshall Auerback, James W. Carden, and Patrick Lawrence say "Russia isn't going to invade," so we don't need no stinking armies!

Maybe Marshall Auerback, James W. Carden, and Patrick Lawrence don't remember when half of Europe was occupied by Russian armies, from 1945 all the way to 1989. After all, that was more than 40 years ago, and who was even born then?

""Russia isn't going to invade" say Auerback, Carden, and Lawrence, but when the tanks roll again, will any of those happy-go-lucky pundits volunteer for the front lines?

No, they won't.

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