Thank you !! And at home, iIn our beloved country we are ruled by - kleptocracy. Worth remembering:

Unusual Stock Trading by Whales in US Congress: https://unusualwhales.com/i_am_the_senate/congress

Unusual Stock Trading by Whales in US Senate:


For example:

- Pelosi in Dec 22, 2020 was against more stimulus.

- Her husband buys deep ITM TSLA and AAPL calls that day.

- A day later, December 23rd, she is suddenly for stimulus again, with those same companies rallying 5%,

-- giving Pelosi an INSTANT +30 return.

The censored "wisdom" — depicted as unquestionable fact throughout corporate media — is that we should be angry only at the tax system, but not necessarily at the oligarchs getting rich off it.

In fact, the only person so far presumed to be worthy of any law enforcement scrutiny is not any of the billionaires avoiding taxes, but the whistleblowing source of the IRS leak

Why Are Billionaires Presumed Innocent?

After an IRS leak, corporate media says there’s nothing to see here because billionaire tax avoidance must be legal — even though it occurred during a crime spree.


Why Are Billionaires Presumed Innocent? (dailyposter.com) -- June 22, 2021 David Sirota

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Keep in mind the other two, exceptional countries, England and Israel, are also having serious cognitive dissonance issues. How deep do the problems really go?

One of the more interesting authors I've found, in understanding Western civilization, is Gilbert Murray, best known for his, The Five Stages of Greek Religion. It is probably a good source for understanding this distinction between culture and civics. Essentially religion and government.

Remember that democracy and republicanism originated in pantheistic societies, as they were metaphorical visions of multiculturalism, representing the many aspects of life and society. Under the narrative and laws, monotheism equated with monoculturalism, as in one people, one rule, one god.

The Romans adopted Christianity as the Empire solidified and remnants of the Republic were being erased. Vestiges of pantheism remained, as the Trinity, which came from the Greek year gods. As the son being reborn each spring, of the sky god and earth mother, it symbolized regeneration, which obviously is a very powerful force and even more so for those much closer to the primal.

As the Catholic church came to present itself as the eternal institution, the principle of regeneration was effectively obscured, at least until Martin Luther tried to do what Jesus tried with Judaism, push the reset button.

Consequently the default political system for the next 1500 years was monarchy and feudalism. When the West went back to less centralized political systems, it required the separation of church and state, culture and civics.

Currently our increasingly schizophrenic society is coming apart and eventually we will have to dig much deeper than anyone currently realizes, to understand why.

Especially those still clinging to ancient religions, with little political evolution and those clinging to monarchy. As well as a certain polygot society, that only knows a couple hundreds years of growth and pretends it's culture.

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This was my impression as well. Very scary. Reagan was backed by George Bush Sr., not my favorite person, but a professional with executive experience, if a little too creative for our long term benefit. Biden is adrift atop a cloud.

No one else has mentioned the phrase that most caught my attention in Biden's presentation that day. I think he was talking about cyberwar. He said that he aked President Putin "How would you like it if we did that to you?" And I thought, well, we have done it to many countries specifically including Venezuela and Iran. Who knows where else. And there was the code found in wikileaks that the CIA apparently uses to identify Russia as the perpetrator of our cyberwarfare. In any case, like the statement he made about meddling in elections it was so childish (as well as 180 deg from the truth) as to be shocking. Yet the mainstream press never picked it up. So strange.

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Watching Biden’s final speech, aimed at pulling back the Cold War rhetoric toward Russia in order to concentrate hostilities toward China, delivered outdoors, using cue cards, surrounded by a gaggle of compliant press, I had a strong feeling of deja vu. “The US is at war with Eur…er…East Asia. We have always been at war with East Asia.”

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It's 45 years since my wife and travelled by train from Nakhodka with various stops along the way (Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Moscow) across what was then the USSR - to Finland. As a 14-year old naïve Seventh-day Adventist in 1963 I wrote to the Soviet Embassy in Canberra - seeking information for a high school project/report - and received back a package of data on five-year plans and statistics of how many washing machines and televisions etc there were per household. Was I impressed? Sure - and when 13 years later we travelled across that vast space in the June of 1976 - all kinds of memories - circuses and ballet and the Pushkin Theatre Company on tour - grand hotels and everyday kindnesses from the people. And the lack of in-your-face sexualised advertising. We hadn't realised that lack until our emergence into the so-called "West"! I read a political analyst blogsite from a US-watcher Australian academic Caitlin Johnstone - nothing is missed. Though she is in some senses more poetic in her presentation and a finder/writer of paradoxes (think G.K.Chesterton - Orthodoxy) nothing I read here is a surprise. Thanks again Patrick L. Here in Australia - all the CIA spokespeople and reports from those newspapers you name are presented without question even on the national (and most-trusted) broadcaster. (The kinds of things one would expect on Murdoch/NewsCorp faux news and commentary outlets.) Thus it is refreshing to find here - from the eagle's eyrie - so to speak - the truth! Thank-you.

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Smoke 'em, Patrick. Personally, I think that the American MSM has exactly one thing over the old Pravda. The old Pravda was, at the time, the world's most mendacious newspaper. The American MSM has taken Pravda's place as the world's most mendacious news source BUT the US MSM makes no pretense to telling you the truth - The NY Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post, The Dayton Daily News - all these names really do is tell you that they'll tell you a tale. Pravda, on the other hand, is the Russian word for the ultimate truth which, of course, they rarely delivered.

I thought that this so-called summit was going to be a waste of time and effort. The US's imposition of new and/or improved sanctions even before everybody had left Switzerland demonstrates my point. Another point to add to your list of things that should have been discussed at the summit - guilt by accusation only, proof not required.

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Truly - nice Work, Patrick. Authentically thorough; objective.

Much to 'reflect' on. Grim.



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