F*** you Joe Biden !!

Julian Assange shouldn’t be released from the dank chambers of Belmarsh Prison because the CIA contemplated assassinating him. He shouldn’t be released because a key witness against him admitted to fabricating his deposition.

He should be released because he didn’t commit the crime for which he is charged and a country that treats journalism as a crime against the state shouldn’t have legal standing to bring extradition requests in the courts of nations that consider themselves democracies.

In summary and once again -- F*** you Joe Biden !!!

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Excellent essay. Thank you.

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So good I have forwarded it right left and centre (political leanings as well as corners of the world) to Canada, the US, parts in Australia - pertinent the references to Caitlin, too - and to John Pilger. The Quisling nature of the Australia government towards its political overlord the US is galling to say the least. And well stated, too - Boris Petrov's response! Succint and pithy bookends!

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A question: Where one can find a consolidated (all three parts) of Tucker Carlson video titled “Patriot Purge”?

Jan. 6 “armed insurrection” is as much a fraud and hoax as the “Russia-gate” – same lying team.

PS: Fox channel is completely disorganized and drowning in endless stupid garbage a la Hannity, etc. - you can’t easily find it there… Tucker Carlson should find another platform – the sooner, the better for him…

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Neitzsche might have declared God dead, but its long shadow remains. Our entire theory of civics and culture remains of top down authority, rather than organically bottom up, where the top is only a cresting wave..

Obviously morality is not an absolute, given how many are totally lacking in any.

It is a quality, like character. Some are strong and some are weak.

How will history remember Julian Assange, versus say, Mike Pompeo?

Does anyone think Pompeo, Bolton, etc, will prevail? Yes, they are riding a wave and it will crash. Probably when a loaf of bread costs $50 and oil is no longer denominated in dollars.

The only question is finding and pushing at the cracks in the system. It has become a scab and it will peel away, leaving a scar that will fade.

This too shall pass.

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