Is it not strange that the five other members of the "P5 + 1" who signed the JCPOA just sit on the sidelines and say nothing?

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Nov 30, 2022·edited Nov 30, 2022

Of course Biden never was going to reach an agreement with Iran, because there is no possible agreement that would satisfy both Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Saudi Arabia objects to the fact that Iran is a Shia republic. No agreement is going to change that.

Israel objects to the fact that Iran exists. No agreement is going to change that, either.

The only question is whether the charade of recent months was intended to provide a pretext for attacking Iran "See, we tried soooo hard to reach an agreement, now they leave us no choice....."

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Not really a surprise. The US continues to believe and act as if they are the global hegemon. We never actually were but since the rest of the world over which we were not hegemonic was weak and couldn't prevent the US from pushing them around we got away with looking like were. That's not true anymore. They aren't weak and they have caught onto our tricks. The US/EU/UK all have a death wish as they wage what is actually a form of economic warfare when they themselves no longer have the fiscal horsepower to push. Where the rubber will hit the road will be in our debt. Not that we couldn't print all the dollars that anyone could want ... and more but will anyone take them? Ultimately, to sustain US spending, we need to sell our debt (which is literally, I'll pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today). Our current debt is $31T. At the rate of speed it's going, we'll hit $32T before the end of December. A lot of that debt was sold at an interest rate of less than a point (i.e. less than 1%) but thanx to our brilliant moves around the world, our inflation rate is ~8%. Who do you suppose is going to lend us money at less than an 8% interest rate? I'd like to point out here that an interest rate of a measly 3.2% will result in the US having a debt burden of $1T annually given our current debt load.

It used to be that the US$ was considered the ultimate safe haven for money. Not anymore. Both the US and our vassals in the EU and UK have been aggressively sanctioning and freezing dollar & Euro assets around the world. So the dollar and the Euro don't look much like a safe haven anymore. But back to Iran. These threats are less real because (a) how are we going to pay for yet another war and (b) the US wakes up one morning to discover that nobody trusts the dollar. What I'm really waiting for is when Yellan's cockamamie capping of Russian oil price kicks in in December. Then we will see the price of oil skyrocket.

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Whenever mainstream/corporate media increases their rhetorical reporting, particularly about domestic issues of foreign countries, we should all be quite suspicious. It usually means the corporate news has found another target/monster and the US military intervention is the only humane action. I refer to the women’s headgear revolution which is currently in process in Iran. Women and children have been harmed and killed, as brutally awful as it is, it must remain an Iranian domestic fight. It is a revolution. It is not the business of any foreign country, especially the US or Israel. This battle is between the sovereign country Iran, and those brave women of Iran. The USA must stay out. American women must stay out. This courageous fight can only be won by those women whose lives it affects, more power to them! Cheer for their courage and cheer for their win.

The military/corporate media will exploit the situation with photos and spin as it always does as it brainwashes Americans. As Chomsky wrote, the corporate news manufactures our consent. Too many humanitarian issues are only excuses to bring war. We must stop it.

Joe Biden must be pressured to sign the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. No excuses.

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Sam Bankman-Fried committed multiple illegal and major crimes – see a good description below:

https://youtu.be/dsPNjskCHr8 -- Michael Saylor Destroys Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX & Alamida Res.

-- What are examples prior sentences for similar, although much smaller scale, crimes ?

-- Why was he invited as a celebrated guest speaker at November DealBook Summit (interviewed by NYT journalist Andrew Sorkin) ?

-- When he will be investigated for his huge and brazen frauds and – by whom (how many victim types and overseeing bodies?

Does anybody know even partial answers? Many thanks !!

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THANKS !!! A bit of history: Why should we hate China and Chinese people even more…


China's "Century of Humiliation" & US-Chinese Tensions Today with Carl Zha – Dec 6, 2022

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The two factions of the ruling duopoly essentially agree on Iran: they hate their guts. Our rulers were teenagers during the hostage crisis of the late 70s; as I remember, the tv experience was profound. Also, please, the Shia Sunni divide is a distinction without a difference; 911 is a searing indictment born by all Muslims and it too generated memorable images and hard feelings. We are gonna make these people pay.

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We live in a kleptocracy...

https://www.bitchute.com/video/qDBq9IoeNatR/ -- Max Keiser

Tucker Carlson Today - S02E116 - Beyond Bitcoin (12-01-2022) (bitchute.com)

FYI -- One hour – on both identical links …

Economic journalist Max Keiser covers trends taking over our financial market, Bitcoin being the latest. He joins Tucker to discuss the FTX fiasco and says this is the latest in a long line of fraud schemes, but now featuring non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies

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