I like Scott Ritter's style - emphasising and reiterating the point - BU and AU - unipolarity is finished - BRICS is expanding - the US imposed "rules-based-order" is a sham - NATO a nonsense. And the previous and current regimes in Australia continue to find their position, their "comfort" in believing the US to be No. 1 and has already thrown a billion dollars worth of matériel to the Zelenskiy Banderistas. Unbelievable.

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One of the things I can't get our of my head with this obsession with Russia, China, Iran, et.al., is the absolute hypocrisy of "champions" of fighting climate change--the Democrats and the EU writ large. The US is quite literally forcing the hands of other countries to divert money from worthwhile internal and partner-based development, into building up war machines to counter our insane buildup of our own war machine. The German "Greens" cheer on the war in Ukraine and give a complete pass to the perpetrators who blew up Nord Stream. The "progressive Caucasus" votes for every increase to "defense and security" spending. They cheer on suppression of free speech. They vilify all dissent against the war in Ukraine. Saint Paul encapsulated it well, we are a crooked and perverse generation.

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Europe and the United States is the West. The West has been riding a wave for the last four hundred years. That this wave has crested and the positive feedback has turned negative is even more consequential than the economic factors and political balance of power. The world has evolved in that last four hundred years in the shadow of the West. Both capitalism and communism are Western concepts. Thesis and antithesis with no synthesis, because it's all about messianic, monomaniacal power, not logic.

The consumer culture, financialized societies, object and individual focused paradigm is Western. We see the nodes, from atomism to individualism. Eastern culture is more about the networks and connections. More yin and yang, than God Almighty. Even our physical theories are colored by these assumptions.

So this transition has the potential to change the world and humanity far more profoundly than anyone is really considering, as they sense the cracks developing, without knowing how deep they might go.

Here is an effort to try to look into those possibilities;


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Thank you !! We love both of you - including your early comment about “unprovoked” invasion of Ukraine: “Regrettable but necessary”

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I think the psychology of Europe versus Asia has a bit to do with geography.

Europe has a lot of natural borders and boundaries. Mountains, peninsulas, channel, seas, originally heavily forested. Such that nations arose from tribal origins and could maintain fairly distinct cultures within stable borders. So the animosities and cultural narcissism would only be tested periodically.

While Asia is more geographically open, so the tribal boundaries and identities had to be more fluid. Which might explain how Russia has developed as a nation as large as the whole of Europe and manages to sustain that stability the EU can only dream of.

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I agree with you, Scott but you need to start telling the Europeans about reality. Stoltenberg just got through saying that, he at least, will keep the Ukies fighting until Russia lays down its arms. He didn't say where he would get either the money or the weapons to do that since the Ukraine has no arms industry and no money of their own. Not to mention that the EU is now stealing Russian's cars that they drive into the EU. Along with their toilet paper. A former advisor to a former Ukrainian president has said that the Ukraine is cut off from the Black Sea. Doubtless Russian attacks on the two ports that the Ukies control on the Black Sea have rendered them useless. You might also want to tell the regime in Washington who just installed more sanctions on Russia and are going to try to suborn the stans for allegedly helping Russia evade our illegal sanctions.

You should also stop using the phrase "rules based international order" and instead say the Calvinball rules based order. Those of you that remember Calvin and Hobbs will remember Calvinball rules

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Hi Mr. Ritter. It feels to me like the conflict is moving away from state vs. state to state vs. populace. Corporations seem to be a tool being used to increase state power. Do you see or feel this as well?

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Washington's Ukraina Grandioznaya Skhema.

The Graveyard of This Empire. 24th June, 2023.


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Phew! Terrific and terrifying article at the same time. What would future bring if the West foolishly pushes itself militarily into a corner? Scott, I think you’ve warned us about this, so has Lawrence Wilkerson on his many talks, where he uses the metaphor “shark and the elephant” (on possible US-China conflict) leading to a full blown nuclear war. This is a nightmarish scenario and ought to be *the* major concern worldwide.

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@Scott Ritter 👍

SPOT ON! The neoconservative & neoliberal minions fashioning and infusing this burned out cold war propaganda, and their paid stenographers in corporate media, are funded and managed by the ironically regarded "Financial Services Industry"; this cabal of "Vampire Squid🐙" and their proxies have captured all public ability to either, govern, monitor, regulate, or discern in any meaningful manner even the ironically very existence of any semblance of public order and justice ⚖️.

As Usual,


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Terrific article, by Scott Ritter! I like his style too, Jim, and Scott's been right all along.

As long as China backs Russia militarily and economically- as both are founding members of the SCO - (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) the international gangsters, aka NATO will be neutralized instead of causing more death, destruction, misery and suffering in the world, led by the world's "only super-bully" the Imperial States of America. Ukraine just may be Uncle Sam's Waterloo., or Stalingrad.

Propaganda works, and too many Europeans, like us Yanks, drank the Kool-Aid of delusion and parrot the anti-Russian/anti-Putin rhetoric they hear by Western capitalist news media outlets, and seemed to have relinquished their abilities and capabilities of factual discernment on current events and recent history of geoploitical events around the globe.

For Scott and everyone else interested on the subject of NATO, I highly recommend "The Globalization of NATO" by the brilliant and astute interdisciplinary sociologist, award winning author, and noted geopolitical analyst, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, which can be purchased at www.globalresearch.ca.

It was published in 2012, definitely NOT dated, but chocked full of facts and figures which will give you stomach cramps after reading it.

On former President of Norway and now NATO Chief, Stoltenberg is just another Quisling in a different era.

Thanks to P. L. and C. M. for posting Ritter's article on The Floutist.

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And the final declaration of the last G-20 Summit only confirmed all of Scott Ritter's words! In a way even more unexpected than the BRICS, already more or less expected! Not condemning Russia's intervention in Ukraine and denying the US propaganda about the "unprovoked" war that the US provoked! Recognizing that it's necessary to stop the conflict in Ukraine that opposes the West to Russia. Declaration that the US felt obliged to sign! Regardless of the false spirit or not of Germany, France and UNSC in the Minsk agreements. Which also provoked the conflict.

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From a neutral point of view, the very fact that Switzerland wants to join forces with the murderer and criminal organisation NATO as a manoeuvre partner, according to the sense of the traitors to the country, is not only criminal treason, but absolutely impossible, because true neutrality never allows such a request, let alone such an action.

This is also not the case when irresponsible rulers traitorously juggle with words like 'cooperative neutrality' and falsely and arbitrarily justify it in a deliberately fraudulent manner.

But what this clique of murderers NATO, in addition to helping America's hegemonic mania, allows itself in its war mania obsession and thus in murderousness and destructiveness – whereby the countless rapes committed on the country's own girls, boys and women and these are later stabbed or shot, as this is committed in the Ukrainian army, but as it is common practice in every other army, but is deliberately hushed up – are not yet mentioned, that is not all.

The truth is that everything goes even further, because this NATO clique of murderers manages to involve all the states of Earth in a conflict from which there is no way out that would lead to peace.



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I sense a lot of bias from Ritter. He's comparing the Ukrainians vs America military. The Ukrainian military is primarily made up of soldiers who were civilians weeks before fighting and had no experience. It's not comparable and the violence in the Ukraine war is impossible to prepare for. Neither the Russians nor the Ukrainians were prepared for it and only through time and experience can any military be prepared. I think Scott Ritter wants the Russians to like him and hedge his bets. I have a feeling Ritter is living in Russia now lol

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Scott is not always right, but he is absolutely spot-on in every part of this speech.

And because of this, no one is going to listen to him in the West until it is too late.

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He said that to bunch of oil executives, wow. I bet they booed him.

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