Every time you hear some lackey mewling about Muh Press Freedom when talking about a country that the Empire doesn't like, remember that Snowden is exiled, and Assange is de facto imprisoned on bogus charges.

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No one seems to be able to think big picture here. We live in a crumbling society and the powers that be frankly revel in their corruption and evil. It would seem some larger strategy could be developed. As the old saying goes, in crisis there is opportunity. What ways can this situation be used? Personally I wrote in Assange/Manning in the 20 elections, since they are the only ones with any actual character in this whole shit show. They looked the Beast in the eyes and didn't blink. It doesn't get any better than that. Life is short and we all seem to be caught up in the details and miss the larger picture.

Obviously they want to make an example of Assange, not make him a martyr. Actually bringing him back for trial to the United States could prove to be a monumental error on their part, if the narrative can be reversed. How about finding ways to put him up in the pantheon of history's long list of martyrs, From Socrates, to Jesus, to MLK? How about posters of Assange next to Biden, asking who will history see as the real hero our age? How about "Free Assange" bumper stickers being printed up and handed out free on college campuses?

If twitter and facebook decide they need to cancel it, it will just go further to show how deep the rot is. There is the opportunity to throw this back in their faces. How can it be leveraged?

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Thank you. See "martyr" Jim Acosta on martyr Julian Assange:

YouTube Promotes CNN Lies and Hate Speech -- Matt Orfalea

YouTube Promotes CNN's Lies and Hate Speech - by Matt Orfalea - Censored News (substack.com)



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It's good to have someone lay out the events that have unfolded over the last couple of decades. Somebody needs to point out that it puts the lie to the US's incessant bleating about a 'rules based international order' which is just code for whatever the hell the US wants to do. I have always assumed that when Ben Franklin told the woman that, yes, she had her republic if she could keep it, he meant that we needed to be doing the right thing under our own steam and not as a result of someone telling us what the right thing was. In that regard, it seems to me that we have failed.

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As always (do I begin every response with these two words?) you lay out this matter with honesty, frankness and with - dare I say it - a tenderness - that makes the ugliness of the political skulduggery against Julian Assange all the more stark. Your literary voice Patrick shines through as it shines a light on the darker forces - Stratfor strategies and deviousness of actions against Julian, against Chelsea Manning and against Ed Snowden. I have noted the lack of action by the Australian government - (on both sides of its same coin government - the so-called LNP and its mirror the ALP) - their fealty to the US never to be doubted - all loyalty and tribute paid to that overlord rather than to its own people and its former sovereignty. I look forward to reading further - and thanks for the chance to become a paid subscriber! (Widow's mite though it be!)

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